The Shawn Grady Memorial Fund

Helping Families With Children Who Suffer From Life-Threatening Illnesses

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The Shawn Grady Memorial Fund was established in 1991. It is a non-profit organization created by the Gradys to help the families of local children that suffer from life-threatening illnesses. The Fund is dedicated to the memory of Shawn Grady who was diagnosed with cancer in the Fall of his Sophomore Year in High School. Shawn was an exceptional person and a superb athlete. An enthusiastic and highly-motivated young man, he earned all league honors in football, hockey and baseball as well as being elected team captain in all three sports.

Shawn's true courage and passion for life never shined so brightly as during his two year battle with cancer. His positive attitude, sense of humor, and incredible will to live served as inspiration to every life he touched. After a courageous battle, Shawn died of cancer complications at the age of 16. During his long illness, the entire community pitched in to help the Grady family defray the tremendously high medical costs.

Shawn and DadAs a fitting memorial to their son, the Grady's established the Shawn Grady Memorial Fund. It's their way of giving something back to the community that offered so much support in their time of need. Since its inception in 1991, the Fund has helped many young people and their families through some very difficult times.

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